Reverse engineering a DIY anvil build

Anvil drawing

Anvil are super-useful in the ol’ metalworking shoppe. Unfortunately, big chunks of old cast steel are also really expensive.

However, all is not lost! You’ll find lots of DIY anvil builds on YouTube, but I came across this one, and I love it. Check it out here:

This awesome DIY anvil is fabricated from some chunks of railway track, a piece of bar stock, and some pieces bits of plate. I think this is the best DIY anvil I’ve seen, so I decided I better build one.

However, first step is actually figuring out the steps to fabricate it. The video is awesome, but more entertaining than educational. Here at Krank Engineering, we’re all about learning new skills, so I’m going to blow apart this anvil build in detail so you can build one too.

After watching the video a bunch of times, I was able to make a full size side profile drawing showing the main features and how I laid them out.

If you want to fabricate your own anvil, this is the perfect video to start with.

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