How to remove a steering stem bearing

Want to remove a steering stem bearing? Watch me do it with a Dremel and hammer & chisel in a couple of minutes!

Removing steering stem bearings is a common job when you’re restoring or modifying a bike. But getting them off can be a complete P.I.T.A! There are plenty of great videos on YouTube showing different techniques for getting stem bearings off, but this is my version.

This video will demonstrate a simple procedure for removing press fit steering lower stem bearings. A Dremel is an essential tool for motorcycle work, so I’ve whipped mine out to help get this bearing off!

Bearings are normally a press fit onto the stem, but not a stupidly tight press fit. A bit of heat or persuasion with a hammer can sometimes loosen them.

In this case I needed to use more aggressive methods! I mentioned limits and fits in the video; check out this video if you want to learn some basics about engineering tolerances and interference fits: Introduction to limits & fits

I also love Dremel multi-tools! Learn about multi-tools here: Top Tools: Dremel Multi Tool



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