I love my new (old) Dyna but while testing out all my camping gear for an upcoming trip, I found it seriously lacking!

There is virtually no way to tie anything down. The stock Lowrider is not equipped for overnight touring 🙁 (until you open the accessories catalog, of course)

“No problem” I thought, “I’ll just use these fender mount locations and machine up a bung!”

This was a fairly straightforward job. I had some longer stainless steel button head machine screws in stock. I chose a bolt 1″ longer than stock, and used that extra inch of length to accomodate the bung.

You’ll see me complete a quick design sketch before I start. This is to help me determine the machining dimensions and steps. Also, if I ever want to make another pair, I’ll have an idea how to do it!

Then its a case of buzzing them out on the lathe. I ended up machining them end-to-end as it let me eliminate a couple of machining steps (and time) if I had done them individually.

You can see how I finish the surface with needle files, Scotch brite and a countersink deburring tool. And screw them on (using a thread locker of course).

Of course, shortly after, I’m looking at the local Harley dealer website, and you can buy these bungs! BUT!!! SEVENTY SEVEN DOLLARS, yep $77.48 here in Australia. Glad I’ve got a lathe 😉


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