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Can I build a custom motorcycle?

Can I build a custom motorcycle?

Engineering for motorcycles

Coming soon:

  • How to pack bearings
  • How to identify bolts
  • Engine oil 

Cool motorcycle shop equipment

Coming soon:

  • Shop tour!

What tools do I need?

Coming soon:

  • Hammers and mallets
  • Measuring tools

Working on motorcycle mechanical systems



Coming soon:

  • How to identify worn chain and sprockets

Working on motorcycle electrical systems

Coming soon:

  • Electrical 101 – Voltage and batteries
  • Electrical 102 – Series circuits
  • Electrical 103 – Parallel circuits
  • Electrical 104 – Resistance
  • Electrical 105 – Conductors (wires)
  • Electrical 106 – Soldering
  • Electrical 107 – Crimp connectors 

Chassis and frame modifications

Coming soon:

  • Chassis jig
  • How to clean out fork seals
  • How to shorten a steering stem
  • How to smooth a top triple clamp with files
  • How to restore a spoked hub
  • How to re-radius a fender 

Paint & polish on your motorcycle

Coming soon:

  • How to paint an engine (cheap!)
  • How to remove paint 

Welding & fabrication on your motorcycle

Coming soon:

  • How to weld repair cast iron
  • Getting started with metalshaping – hammer and dollies
  • Getting started with metalshaping – slapping hammer

Inspiration – some of my projects

Coming soon:

  • Tool repair with TIG welding
  • Brain dead workshop fun – TIG torch holder 

Product reviews

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