Recommended mechanical tool list


Crescent Tool Kit

Starter mechanics tool kit

Recommended mechanics tool kit

I have two (yes, two) of these kits.  One is permanently stored in my truck, the other I ratted for a few specific tools for a tool roll on my bike for long trips. They have got me (and my friends) out of trouble many times. I like these kits for a few reasons:

  1. The quality is perfectly acceptable for the price point,
  2. If the tools get stolen from my truck or bike, I won’t be devastated,
  3. Having them all in a case is handy for a starter set,
  4. There are not too many more tools you need to get started.

Buy it on Amazon: Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-Piece

Ball Pein Hammer, 24oz

Recommended 24oz engineer's ball pein hammer

You’re always going to need to “persuade” something to move with a hammer. A ball pein hammer is the correct choice for mechanical work.  The ball end is used for riveting and generally “mashing” something. Not required often, but handy on occasion.  The pein is the end that does 99% of the work.  A carpenter’s hammer will get you out of a pinch in an emergency. But we’re not doing carpentry work, are we? I prefer this weight (24 ounces).  Lighter hammers don’t give me enough force, and heavier ones get tiring quickly. I also like a wooden handle as it absorbs some vibration and is replaceable.

Buy it on Amazon: Stanley Proto J1324PD Ball Pein Hammer 24 Oz


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