Get the planning and preparation done. Finish the builder faster

Building a custom motorcycle is an incredibly satisfying experience, however the magnitude of the job can overwhelm the builder, leaving them with crates of parts worth scrap value. 

This volume is designed to get you successfully from the start to the end of your build. The preparation, planning and sequencing of activities can make a difference in a number of areas.  

No matter how quickly you think you’ll complete your build, it will take longer, or require more hours that you predicted. Using proper planning techniques gives you a roadmap from start to finish. Apart from providing a path, it also gives the builder a sense of accomplishment as they progress, which is hugely important for the builder’s motivation. 

Planning techniques also improve your efficiency. If you develop a good roadmap, you minimise wasted time and money. We’ll give you some planning templates to get you started. 

Having a clear vision of the finished bike is also important. This helps the builder make faster and clearer decisions during the build. You’ll learn some digital and analog techniques for creating an image of your ideal bike, and we’ll describe the visual elements of common custom motorcycle styles to give you a head start. 

Completing your build in a logical sequence is critical for getting done as fast as possible. Otherwise, rework – being wasted time – and poor financial decisions can slow you down and burn your funds unnecessarily.  

Building a custom motorcycle should be a rewarding journey, filled with learning and a huge amount of satisfaction when you’re done. Getting some detailed planning done before you open your toolbox gives you a better chance at success. 

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