Kustom Kommune “KR750”


November 30, 2020 in Bikes

This Harley Davidson XG750 was "gifted" to Kustom Kommune. It was a pre-production bike, so it wasn't possible to legally register it. As a result, there were no limits, but the deadline was, well, deadly. We had 6 weeks to get it done. 

This bike was featured in Pipeburn after it premiered at the Oil Stained Brain bike show here in Melbourne.

We were asked to convert the twin-coilover rear suspension to that lever job under the seat. This was all one-off fabrication as you can see from the progress photos below. 

Additionally, the front end was off an R6 (if my memory serves me correctly) but incredibly we just needed to machine a small spacer for the top triple clamp as the stock R6 stem was a little long. We also machined some very short risers for the bars.

The exhaust is essentially stock headers with an aftermarket muffler. We simply didn't have time to fabricate a custom system. 

The one piece aluminum bodywork came out of Japan, and was narrowed by cutting out a section and rewelding.

We needed some big-ass spacers and adaptors for the rear wheel to accept the belt drive. My milling machine simply wasn't big enough to mount the 19" wheel for modifications so they went to GonzLab for some of his magic.  

As you can see the finish is "engine turned" and paint was done by the wizard Karl Stehn at KDS Designs.

Fancy pics are from the media pack. The rest are from our camera phones. 

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