Kustom Kommune Forty-Eight


Harley Davidson Australia supplied a pair of Forty Eight Sportsters to Kustom Kommune (Melbourne) and Rising Sun (Sydney) for promotional purposes.

Here in Melbourne the Sporty was extensively modified by a team of volunteers at the KK workshop.

I had a small part in machining spacers to delete the ABS sensors, and I designed and machined the points cover with the Kustom Kommune anvil logo.

This was done with a cheap 3040-style router that had been extensively modified with a high speed spindle by Aaron over at DCT Solutions. Super light cuts in Aluminium were possible and after a couple of failed attempts we got one nice points cover.

The black relief you can see has been cut by the router. Then I simply hit it with enamel paint then sanded the paint off the high spots to show the contrast.    

Seat by the usual wizard Aaron at Wierd-O-Pholstery and paint by the master Karl at KDS Designs.

Exhaust welded by Robbie, with a lot of the detail work done by HD specialist Glenn Aitken. 

The bike was featured in BikeEXIF, and published in Just Bikes and Heavy Duty here in Australia. 

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