Hercus 9″ Lathe Restoration



Hercus 9″ Lathe Restoration

I’m chipping in on the Greg’s Garage 30-day #WELDA challenge to post something cool related to metalworking during August 2016. I’ve been meaning to give my 9″ Hercus lathe a birthday/restoration and this challenge might force me to git ‘er done. “But we don’t care about restoring a lathe”, you say. Well, I’ll be pulling this machine to pieces. Cleaning it. Painting. Assembling. All the sort of tasks you might do on your project bike. So follow along. You might find something you can use.


Day 1: Commencing the teardown

Day 2: Discussing preparation of painted surfaces

Day 3: Teardown completion

Day 4: Cleaning solvents

Day 5: No lathe work, see here instead.

Day 6: Prepping the lathe bed for paint

Day 7: Painting the lathe bed

Day 8: Spindle bearings

Day 9: Wash Scrub Clean

Day 10: Bits & pieces

Day 11: Stripping the apron

Day 12: Stripping the gearbox

Day 13: Paint stripping

Day 14: Bits & Pieces #2

Day 15: Prepping for more paint

Day 16: Body filler

Day 17: Fill Sand Paint

Day 18: The paint prep never ends!

Had a break here. Posted some videos about building a tube bender. See this playlist.

Day 29: Installing headstock bearings

Day 30: More reassembly

Day 31: (Almost) final assembly

Finished! And lessons learnt!

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