Download a skills inventory checklist for motorcycle customisers (article: Skills you need to modify your motorcycle):

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Download the Angle Grinder shopping list (article: Top Tools: Angle Grinder):

Download the Dremel multi tool shopping list (article: Top Tools: Dremel Multi Tool):

Download a 40-page Field Welding Guide eBook (article: Introduction to welding):

Check out my list of workshop hazards – keep the blood on the inside! (article: Workshop safety and hazard awareness)

Get the painting supplies and consumables shopping list (article: How to paint your motorcycle parts):

Download a detailed technician’s book about torque (article: Introduction to torque):

Want to metalshape a custom fender – with hand tools only? Get the cheat sheet here: (article: How to metalshape a custom fender)

Get a free download of my book list for motorcycle customisers in PDF form (article: Book list for motorcycle customizers):

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