Design your own custom brackets – Dyna highway peg project


Here's some tips and tricks to design a custom foot peg bracket for a Harley. This same process could be used for many similar automotive or DIY projects. 


I could probably buy something to solve this problem, but where is the fun in that? My Dyna is fitted with "mid-controls", for a "armchair" style seating position. 

On long rides, it's inevitable you suffer muscle fatigue from staying in the same position so long. This happens no matter what bike you ride, or what the seating position is. The good thing is: these frames have mounting points for "forward controls" which means you have a "legs-out" or "feet forward" seating position.

On my bike, these mounting points are simply plugged, but I can use them to mount a bracket for additional footpegs.

This way I can stretch out my legs for short periods to reduce muscle fatigue.

This is a straightforward fabrication job - its just a piece of plate with three holes - but in this video, I'll clearly explain the design process I used to come up with the specific shape.

This process is 100% transferrable to any other DIY bracket or metal fabrication project on your custom motorcycle or custom car.






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