Garage Motorcycle Builder Handbook

The hobby of customizing motorcycles has recently seen an explosion of popularity. Cookie-cutter factory bikes are being replaced by one-of-a-kind garage-built pieces of rolling art. Riders want to create their own motorized masterpiece, but building a safe, reliable, and beautiful motorcycle isn’t easy.

An eye for creative design, rigorous project planning, and mechanical know-how are just a few of the critical skills needed for crafting a custom bike that turns heads and keeps its rider safe. However,  beginners don’t have a single platform to learn the complex tasks inherent in building a custom bike.  They need the Garage Motorcycle Builder’s Handbook.

In our book, we teach readers a four-step process covering the design process, planning and preparing for the build, buying a donor bike, and finally, building it. These steps are parsed out into smaller actionable activities, such as sourcing inspiration from photos, setting up a successful home workshop, buying the right machine, and conducting the desired modifications.

The four-step process is applicable to a reader’s first custom bike build or their tenth, from the most rudimentary cosmetic changes to complete and extensive customization or every element of the machine. The Garage Motorcycle Builder’s Handbook is the single reference aspiring and practicing bike builders need.

Garage Motorcycle Builder Handbook