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  • Mentoring, coaching and guidance - not just from me, but from other builders, just like you
  • Technical training in all aspects of custom bike building
  • Best of all, be part of a tribe, there's no need to do it alone

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Exclusive video training

Access to all current and future training videos (as fast as I can release them!) while your membership is paid up!

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Meet, interact, learn from - and share with - other like-minded moto maniacs!


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Is this community for you?

I’ve been lucky to work on my own bikes and customer bikes for a few years now. And I’ve run training in maintenance, welding and electrical systems for motorcycle-mad people like you.

All the people in my training classes wanted to learn new skills to work on their own bikes. They knew they needed to take action and pay for some training to build these skills quickly.

Sure, you could scour the internet, and eventually teach yourself all the skills to customize your ride.

But we're all on a limited budget - either time, or money, or both. We're all busy, and you probably want to be welding, not watching a video about welding.

I'm here for the backyard builders:

  • People whose car lives in the driveway so they can build their bike in their garage.
  • People who scrounge second hand parts off Craigslist or eBay.
  • People who have a day job in a completely different field, but scour the internet for inspiration on their lunch break.
  • People who are determined to be part of the custom motorcycle community.
  • People who are passionate about learning.
  • People who -most of all – want that sense of achievement that they did it themselves.

Is this you?

Get instant access to the community right now!

  • Get the training. 
  • Get the technical advice.
  • Get the encouragement.
  • Build the bike!

What our members are saying:



Matt’s Krank Engineering community is an excellent resource that I wholeheartedly recommend. In addition to giving advice over his forums, Matt provides beginner-level courses to help newbie builders learn the skills they need to build their first custom motorcycle.

David Elms


Krank Engineering more than a Facebook or Youtube Channel I actually subscribe with $ to get some premium content. Which is well with the price I pay.



Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the forum! The info you have been putting up on metalworking (and getting ready for metalworking) recently has been top class. I have not seen this sort of straightforward and commonsense knowledge out there elsewhere on the web, plus it’s so handy to be able to come back to you (and other forum members) and ask a question and get such quick, informative responses.
Some of the builds going on are really interesting with lots of great ideas (including you’re Harley, really looking forward to that!) and I’m looking forward to more members joining up so we can help them with their builds, or even finding their first bike!



I learned a lot in the process. A lot with the help of this community. Hats off to you Matt. I ordered a lot of the books you mentioned, read a lot of articles and have watched almost every video. Love this place.

Matt McLeod

MATT MCLEOD  //  Trainer, coach, lover of (most) motorcycles!

I believe anyone can build their own custom motorcycle.

I believe you should enjoy that sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands. 

I believe you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my articles and training videos.  

I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.

Matt McLeod

"Can I really build a custom motorcycle?"

Of course you can!

Brain surgeons didn’t start on their first day of med school on live patients! They started with basics and built their skills up over a period of time.

Luckily, we’re not trying to be brain surgeons. We just need some hands-on skills to keep our project moving. Anyone with some hand-eye co-ordination can learn these skills. In fact, if you can ride a motorcycle you ALREADY posses the hand-eye co-ordination you need.

And there are SO MANY other things you could learn as part of building a custom bike. What about swapping a tank? Tuning for a new carburetor or air filter? Wiring up a new tail light? And isn’t learning new skills part of the fun, part of the journey?

Back in early 2016, I was working big hours at my day job, running training courses on Monday nights, and working on customer bikes into the wee hours as well.

For me, the most enjoyable part was helping other people learn the skills to work on their own bikes. I loved training and sharing knowledge and answering questions.

However, in those training courses, I could only reach ten people at a time. So I figured the only way I could reach more people – and still help people build their own skills – was harness the internet.

I started with the articles you see on the Tech page. BUT! Now I think I’ve got something that provides you many of the benefits of face-to-face training and interaction that can reach anyone, anywhere, who is customising their own bike.

I’ve set up a private community where you can get the training and support you need to shorten your learning curve.

  • What about detailed video courses?
  • What about a library of downloadable documents?
  • What about custom eBooks?
  • What about private communication channels where you’ll get access to me to answer your questions?
  • What about somewhere where the community can provide feedback and assistance to help you get your build completed?

Do you want help with:

  1. Build planning?
  2. Engineering for motorcycles?
  3. Cool motorcycle shop equipment?
  4. Tools?
  5. Mechanical systems?
  6. Electrical systems?
  7. Chassis & frame modifications?P
  8. Paint & polish on your motorcycle?
  9. Welding & fabrication on your motorcycle?

Well, it's easy. For a small monthly investment, you’ll get

  • access to me,
  • all the docs,
  • all the training,
  • all the discussion,
  • support, and,
  • inspiration
And, my hope is you’ll get your custom bike on the road as fast as possible.

The Best Time to Start Building Your Bike is Now!

  • Are you happy with a factory-stock, *boring* motorcycle?
  • Would you rather build a customised, one-of-a-kind masterpiece?
  • Are you one of the masses? Or do you want to stand out?

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Matt McLeod

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