How to build an air tool rack



I only had a couple of hours in the shop which I wanted to put to good use. Sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to get deep into a bike project when time is limited.

Tool storage is always on my mind (that is: “how can is store these tools better so I can fit more tools in?”).

While I prefer tools in cupboards and drawers (see my shop tour video which talks about the the dust problem I have from the summer north winds), sometimes I find a small space that just needs to be filled.

The gap under my wall cabinet has never been well utilised, but a quick check showed all but one of my air tools would fit if hung vertically. Since they all use a common quick-disconnect fitting, a rack that holds the fitting is the logical way to hang them.

Watch the process to simply form some slots in a piece of aluminium stock and bend it to form a mounting surface to the wall under the cabinet.

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