I’m already a member. I need to change my account/billing/cancel etc. Where do I go?

Member “self serve” pages are here.

Why should I join the community?

The whole objective of the community is to “shorten the learning curve”. You can figure all this stuff out on your own with enough research. I’m aiming to help those who want to get done sooner.

Additionally, the accountability of your own build thread – and the support of people in the same position as you – is the big benefit. I will be following up on your build thread regularly to keep you moving.

What sort of content is in the community?

  • Technical Q&A forum
  • Community member build threads
  • Exclusive video training and document downloads. An index is located here.
  • How often is it updated?

    I’m generating new content as quickly as I can – based on what the community members tell me they need help with. I’m aiming for new content (videos or documents) weekly, and I hit the forums daily.

    What is the video training like?

    I like conducting training in person. And I’ve done quite a bit of it. Video gives me the opportunity to explain concepts in plain English (sorry, I can only speak English) and demonstrate hands-on skills, similar to what I might do in a class setting.

    So the videos are just me, in my shop, explaining “how-to”, demonstrating “how-to” and walking you through skills and projects of increasing complexity – helping you shorten the learning curve.

    Why is it *so expensive*?

    I’m aiming to charge more than other online courses (or free content) for a simple reason: I want committed students. I want them to get their project bikes finished. No one in the Community is browsing around or hoping for a quick hit. You’re surrounded by other people willing to put in the time, do the work and contribute along the way. There are no trolls or haters in the Community. The simple presence of an entry price weeds them out immediately.

    I believe anyone should be able to learn basic shop skills at a reasonable cost, and I believe a product should deliver more value than its sticker price. It might be *expensive*, but you’ll get more value than what you paid for. Otherwise you can take me up on my 2 Month, 200% Money Back Guarantee. See below.

    Do you offer financial aid?

    Sorry, no.

    Do you run sales?

    No. As the content and membership (and, therefore, value) grows in the community, the price will only go up. Right now is the cheapest you will see the price. Depending on when you read this, a trial period may (or may not) be available so you can check out the content.

    I have an awesome product/service. Can I swap it for free access to the community?

    Nope. If it’s truely awesome I’d like to hear about it so I can purchase it myself.

    Is there a special rate for groups?

    Hmm. Thats a good idea. Yes. I will work something out for a group. Contact me and we’ll talk.

    I’d like to promote your content to my motorcycling audience. Do you have an affiliate program?

    For consideration on an individual basis. Contact me to discuss your ideas.

    Are there tests or exams to go with the video courses?

    No. We’re all adults, and we want to learn. Your community will hold you accountable via your build thread.

    Will you answer all my questions?

    I’m in the community every day during the week. On weekends I’m generally in the shop, or doing stuff with my kids. So I’ll get to most, if not all, of the questions posted. But! Other community members might beat me to it. And, if you’re in the community, you can – and should – help another member with a post if you can.

    If you email – or message me – outside of the community, I’m obviously less likely to answer. Community members get my primary attention – as they should, they are paying for it, and I am committed to giving them massive value.

    Your membership sucks. Can I get my money back?

    Yes, with my 2 Month, 200% Money Back Guarantee

    I’m so confident you will get outrageous value from a membership that I’m offering a 2 month/200% money back guarantee.


    Yes, if you’re not completely satisfied within 2 months of signing up, simply use the Contact page to request a refund. I’ll give you back TWO HUNDRED PERCENT of any investment you have made within that two months. Yes, double your money back.

    Workshop Services.

    What exactly do you do?

    If it involves custom parts or engineering to get your street project on the road, I can help. I can design and manufacture just about any component required for street projects. This includes full parametric3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), machining (turning and milling), steel fabrication (MIG and TIG welding). I do subcontract modelling and FEA due to the level of expertise and expensive software required. Due to the physical size of my machine tools, I specialize in smaller parts and equipment, generally for motorcycles.

    Why only street projects?

    If you are building a car or bike for show only, you don’t need to go through the pain of regulations, bulletins and guidelines so you can find someone cheaper than me, or you can do it yourself.

    Do you do small jobs?

    • I used to do small jobs, but now, unfortunately, I respectfully decline.

    I have an idea for a motorcycle part. Can you make me one for free? Then you can sell them online. You’ll make millions.

    If its a ripper idea I would be pleased to quote to make a production batch for you and you can sell them online yourself.

    Why are you so expensive?

    If you have two engineering degrees, a fully equipped machining and fabrication shop, and the knowledge and skills to use it all, then you can do exactly what I can do, and you don’t need to pay me to help you. I charge a lot less than a surgeon or a solicitor, and they provide a specialised service like me.

    Are you a VicRoads engineering signatory?

    No. The insurance is too expensive and those costs would have to get passed onto my customers. I leave this to the experts, but I do work with certain signatories to help get your project on the road.

    Can you give me engineering advice?

    Depends. If its to do with registration, then I can point you to the bulletins relevant to your project but your signatory engineer has the final say and it’s up to him what he wants for registration. If its just general mechanical engineering then sure, I will give you some advice, but the free advice is limited – it’s not really fair to paying customers if I’m slowing up their job by giving you free advice, eh?

    Do you quote on jobs?

    Normally, no. The main reason is virtually every job I’ve ever done gets changed during the build.

    How do you work out a price then?

    It’s simply on a time plus materials basis. We work together to scope out the job best we can, in writing, and you sign off on this scope of work. Only then do I start the job.

    Can I do some of the work myself?

    Sure can. I will work on the scope with you and you can work out what you want to do. There might be some limits to this (welding, for example), but nothing is impossible to sort out.

    When will you start my job?

    I only work on one job at a time. Once the scope of work is sorted, I’ll give you an estimate when it will be started. When it is started, I work on your job only, absolutely no exceptions, until your job is finished.

    What are the payment terms?

    If I quoted a small job, then payment is due on collection or shipping of the job. No payment, no collection. If your job is larger and in process as per the question above, then I tally up the costs on each Friday, and send you an invoice. You have seven days to pay your account, no exceptions. If you fail to pay, then I have to stop working on your project and put it to the end of the list and I start on the next job. The idea is to ensure those people whose job has started gets priority and is finished as fast as possible. If you haven’t got the cash to do the whole project in one stage, no problem, just let me know. We’ll work out a schedule that suits your budget.

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