DIY custom motorcycle builders often loose momentum and motivation during their build.

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My name is Matt, and I’ve been riding motorcycles since my teens. I started Krank Engineering here in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2012 to help others with their bike builds with machining, fabrication and welding services.

I've got a background in mechanical engineering and have trained in TIG welding. I'm also a qualified trainer, and have conducted technical workshop training for motorcycle enthusiasts in small groups.

In these training schools, I met lots of people hungry for information. They all wanted to work on their bike themselves, they just needed some help to get there. And I loved helping people in the workshops. But in a workshop, I can only reach ten people. It's pretty hard to scale up unless we harness the internet.

Matt McLeod

Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars at a commercial shop, I can teach you to do as much or as little as you want.

My combination of hands-on and training skills mean I can give you the help you need. Get on the email list to started:

Need super-detailed tech info to help your custom motorcycle build?

Matt McLeod

About the Author

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my coaching, articles and training videos.
I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.