Are you building your own custom motorcycle?

Don’t trust anyone else to do it, and have to do-it-yourself?

Need to learn some new hands-on skills like metalworking, engine-building, welding and electrical systems?

I believe anyone can build their own custom motorcycle. I believe you should enjoy that sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands. I believe you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my articles and training videos.  I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.

If you’ve been frustrated during your bike build, you’re now in the right place:

“I wanted and was very hopeful to get information including fitting new parts, bending, welding, seats, brakes, polishing”

“Ok but I’d prefer a lot less photos and a lot more practical info, welding tips, stuff to watch out for”

“I’m wanting to learn the best way to wire my custom built chopper.”

“How about a lot more on building a frame jig?”

When you saw that cool custom bike on Bike EXIF you just wanted to build one yourself. Then you bought a project bike and tore it to pieces. And then….

A pile of parts sat there for months.

Maybe you ran out of inspiration.

Maybe you ran out of time.

Maybe you didn’t know what to do next.

Maybe you didn’t know how to do the next step.

Maybe you didn’t even know which project bike to buy in the first place!

Imagine seeing your bike featured on one of the big web sites! Where do you think they come from?! Someone has to build them! Why can’t it be you?

Matt McLeod

My name is Matt, and I’ve been riding motorcycles since my teens. I started Krank Engineering here in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2012 to help others with their bike builds with machining, fabrication and welding services.

I’ve got a background in mechanical engineering and have trained in TIG welding. I’m also a qualified trainer, and have conducted technical workshop training for motorcycle enthusiasts in small groups.

In these training schools, I met lots of people hungry for information. They all wanted to work on their bike themselves, they just needed some help to get there. And I loved helping people in the workshops. But in a workshop, I can only reach ten people. It’s pretty hard to scale up unless we harness the internet.

Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars at a commercial shop, I can teach you to do as much or as little as you want.

My combination of hands-on and training skills mean I can give you the help you need. Head over to Learn to see how it works. Or reach out here.

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Matt McLeod

About the Author

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my coaching, articles and training videos. I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.